Canadian endometriosis patients face ‘substandard’ quality of care: experts

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Endometriosis can cause pelvic pain and cramping, especially during menstruation, and pain during intercourse, as well as heavy menstrual bleeding. Photo: Pexels


(Leslie Young, Jamie Mauracher/ Global News) — Denise Nadalini said she suffered excruciating period pains for more than two decades.

“I had extremely painful periods to the point where I was on the couch in the fetal position, sweating and still, after going to the doctor numerous times, I was told to deal with it with over-the-counter medications, which really didn’t do much,” the 50-year-old said.

She had pain in her bladder and other symptoms that got worse over time, she said. “I had difficulty conceiving, difficult pregnancies. I had miscarriages.”

She even had to quit her teaching job because of the pain, she said. (…)

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