Alzheimer’s research offers hope of restoring some cognition

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People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are also affected in two areas of their brain. Photo: Pexels


(Canadian Press/ CTV News) — Canadian scientists are reporting an interesting advance in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, which offers hope that certain cognitive functions could be partially restored.

Researchers at Laval University, Quebec City, and the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, say they have succeeded in reversing some of the cognitive symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s in an animal model, not just slowing the progression of the disease.

Professor Yves De Koninck, from the Faculty of Medicine and a researcher at Université Laval’s CERVO research center, points out that this has yet to be demonstrated in humans. However, in a press release, he said that the mechanism they’ve identified is a very interesting therapeutic target.

Previous studies have shown that even before Alzheimer’s symptoms appear, brain activity is disrupted in people who will develop the disease. De Koninck explains that there is neuronal hyperactivity and signal disorganization in the brain. (…)

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