7 foods your heart will love

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Avocadoes contain phytosterols, plant compounds that can actually block cholesterol from being absorbed by your body.


(Lisa Bendall/ Everything Zoomer) — Among the various lifestyle strategies that are known to be helpful for your heart, eating well is definitely a significant one. In fact, after studying the evidence, the American Heart Association has said that a healthy diet is as effective at lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease as statin medications.

Brown rice and other whole grains are an important component of a heart-healthy diet. Whole grains are high in fibre, which is linked to lower cholesterol, and they help you feel full and avoid overeating. What else is beautiful about brown rice?

According to Temple University’s Cardiovascular Research Center and Department of Physiology in Philadelphia, the edible layer around the white rice center not only is nutrient-rich, it contains components that fight cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that these components seemed to inhibit the activity of a protein, called angiotensin II, that is known to contribute to high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. (…)

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