Intense fitness classes can lead to rapid spread of COVID-19, report shows

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(Rachael Rettner/ Live Science) — Fitness dance classes are yet another venue where the new coronavirus appears to easily spread, according to a new report.

The report found that dozens of people in South Korea caught COVID-19 after participating in fitness dance classes at the beginning of the pandemic.

The researchers traced the cluster back to a workshop that was held for fitness dance instructors in Cheonan, South Korea, on Feb. 15, according to the report, published May 15 in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. The workshop involved four hours of intense training, the report said. Among the 27 fitness instructors who participated, eight later tested positive for COVID-19, although none had symptoms on the day of the workshop.

Not knowing they had COVID-19, those instructors then went on to teach their own fitness dance classes. (…)

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