How sex at home makes you happy at work

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(James Adonis/ Sydney Morning Herald) — In my younger years, when conversations with colleagues were a lot less professional, it was not uncommon to hear a very specific comment whispered about an otherwise cranky manager who arrived at work surprisingly jolly. “Must have gotten some last night,” they’d mutter in jest.

Highly inappropriate, to be sure, and grossly unfair and immature, but perhaps not entirely wrong (theoretically, that is) when you consider the findings of fresh research published this month in one of the world’s most respected academic journals.

Led by Associate Professor Keith Leavitt from Oregon State University, his team was driven to embark on this study based on two realisations. The first was that sex outside of work has mostly been excluded from management research – oftentimes derided as taboo – and the second is that most adults do indeed ‘do the deed’ on a regular basis. As such, Dr Leavitt found it worthwhile to investigate whether one act influences the other. (…)

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