32% of Canadians may hold off on getting eventual COVID-19 vaccine, survey shows

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About one third of Canadians want to hold off on getting an eventual vaccine for COVID-19, new survey results show. (Amanda Perobelli/Reuters)

(Lauren Pelley/ CBC News) — For months, governments around the world have imposed lockdowns and travel bans, shuttered schools, and blocked visitors from hospitals and long-term care homes, all in the name of slowing transmission of the new coronavirus.

But most members of the medical community agree widespread uptake of an eventual vaccine is what’s needed for the COVID-19 pandemic to finally fizzle out.

“We’re not going to return to normal the minute a vaccine is approved,” said researcher Matthew Miller, an associate professor at McMaster University’s department of biochemistry and biomedical sciences. “We’re only going to return to normal when the vast majority of the population is immune to the virus.”

So will enough Canadians agree to get vaccinated to make that happen? (…)

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