Potassium-rich foods boost women’s heart health

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Foods that are rich in potassium may help offset the harm of excessive salt, a new study suggests. Image credit: Dina Issam/EyeEm/Getty Images.


(Katherine Lang/ Medical News Today) — According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide, ending some 17.9 million lives each year.

In the United States, CVD causes 1 in 4 deaths in men, and 1 in 5 deaths in the entire population. A quarter of all deaths in the United Kingdom are due to CVD. Key risk factors are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking, but diet is also a contributing factor.

A diet high in sodium is widely believed to increase the risk of high blood pressure. Processed foods, particularly ultra-processed foods, often contain high levels of salt, so many people find it hard to control their sodium intake. (…)

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