Lisa Marie Presley suffered a cardiac arrest: The signs of heart disease in women

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Women who have high risk complications during pregnancy may develop signs of heart disease as early as 45, Sahni says. Photo: Pexels


(Maura Hohman/ Today) — Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of rocker Elvis Presley and wife Priscilla, died on Jan. 12 after experiencing a cardiac arrest, authorities confirmed to NBC News.

Lisa Marie Presley was rushed to the hospital Thursday morning after the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a call in Calabasas, California, about a female adult in cardiac arrest who wasn’t breathing, authorities told NBC News.

Cardiac arrest is a medical condition where the heart stops beating suddenly, and it’s different from a heart attack, which refers to a blockage in blood flow to the heart, according to the American Heart Association. When someone experiences cardiac arrest, the proper steps, such as CPR and use of a defibrillator, need to be taken right away to improve the chances of survival. About 90% of people who experience cardiac arrest outside the hospital die, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (…)

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