Half of men experience ‘male menopause’

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‘Late-onset hypogonadism’ is a drop in testosterone levels that can lead to mood changes and hot flashes.
(Maija Kappler/ Healthing) — If someone were middle-aged and experiencing low energy, decreased motivation, trouble sleeping, changes in mood, a lack of sex drive, and hot flashes, they could be in menopause — regardless of their gender.

Nearly half of men experience ‘male menopause,’ also called late-onset hypogonadism, but the condition is under-diagnosed, according to newly-published pharmaceutical guidelines published by the University of Alberta .

Hypogonadism, which usually impacts men in their 50s, but can start as early as in their late 20s, involves a drop in testosterone levels that leads to a number of side effects — some which are very similar to those experienced by women in menopause, such as trouble sleeping and mood changes. Other common symptoms for men include difficulty getting or maintaining erections (especially those that happen in the morning), loss of facial or body hair and decreased testicle size. (…)

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