Alcohol’s busiest season is here: How to avoid binge drinking during the holidays

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Experts say those who want to refrain from drinking can create exit plans to leave holiday events, or bring friends to help. Photo: Pexels


(Saleen Martin/ USA Today) — The holiday season brings a lot of joy, stress and for some, an unhealthy temptation to drink – a lot.

While some people drink to celebrate, others drink because it helps them feel less depressed, less alone, or less bored, said Thomas Britton, CEO and board member at American Addiction Centers.

Holidays, he said, can also lead to increases in stress, isolation, and depression, causing more alcohol poisonings, binge drinking, car accidents, and other adverse effects of large amounts of drinking.

But Britton and other experts say there are healthy ways to handle these stressors during the holiday season, including inviting a buddy along to celebrate with you and having an exit strategy in case things get too tempting. (…)

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