Intermittent fasting may lead to disordered eating, study finds

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New research from a diverse study found that intermittent fasting is associated with a higher prevalence of eating disorder behavior and psychopathology, particularly among young women. Photo: Pexels


(Jessica Norris/ Medical News Today) — Intermittent fasting (IF) is a popular diet trend among health and fitness enthusiasts, which involves not eating during planned intervals of time.

While intermittent fasting may offer some health benefits, researchers are still working to understand the full impact of this eating pattern.

A​ recent study published in Eating Behaviors looked at the practice of intermittent fasting among adolescents and young adults in Canada.

The researchers found an association between intermittent fasting and the behaviors and psychopathology of eating disorders and other dangerous behaviors among some members of this age demographic. (…)

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