Ultrasounds no longer required in Quebec before getting abortion pill

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“Physicians must use their clinical judgment and decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not an ultrasound is necessary,” Labranche said.


(Selena Ross/ CTV News) — A group of Quebec doctors has successfully pushed for a big change to how abortions are given in the province, widening access to abortions by medication.

Until now, Quebec has required patients to have ultrasounds before obtaining the two-pill regimen that induces a medical abortion.

In the rest of Canada, that measure was abandoned in 2019. But Quebec didn’t follow suit until hundreds of doctors signed an open letter last week asking the rule to be changed in their province as well.

They requested the change from the Quebec College of Physicians, prompting a new policy in recent days, according to a statement from the college. (…)

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