Severe menstrual cramps linked to air‑pollution exposure: study

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The risk of developing dysmenorrhea was up to 33 times higher among women and girls who lived in areas with the highest levels of air pollutant. 


(Saumya Kalya/ The Swaddle) — Long-term exposure to air pollutants can greatly increase the risk of developing dysmenorrhea, a condition in which people experience severe cramps and period pain, according to a new, important study that decodes the role air pollution plays in menstrual cycle function.

Dysmenorrhea is a wildly common gynecological condition, affecting almost 16-91% of people of reproductive age. The painful and severe periods are believed to be a result of hormonal imbalances or underlying conditions such as endometriosis or inflammatory diseases.

Out of the women diagnosed with dysmenorrhea, 2-29% attest to experiencing symptoms severe enough to restrict daily activity. (…)

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