Scientists say this is the ideal amount of sleep for heart health

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(David Neild/ Science Alert) — We’ve seen plenty of research on the optimum number of hours’ sleep to get for the good of our bodies, but a massive new study of more than 1 million adults has focussed specifically on cardiovascular health.

Based on the new analysis, the researchers put the magic window at between six and eight hours a night in order to protect your heart.

That’s probably not a huge surprise, as it’s in line with most other sleep recommendations for overall health and wellbeing. But it’s more than a lot of us get – more than 40 percent of American adults get less than seven hours’ sleep a night.

Interestingly, the study also warned against people getting too much sleep.

The research, which analysed 11 existing studies covering more than 1 million adults, showed that getting less than six hours or more than eight hours was associated with a greater risk of coronary artery disease or a stroke. (…)

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