1 in 10 women will have a miscarriage. They shouldn’t be told to ‘just try again.’

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A new system that provides women suffering miscarriage with physical and mental health support is needed, found new research published in The Lancet medical journal.


(Katie Hunt/ CNN Health) — Miscarriages are common. Some 23 million pregnancies worldwide end in miscarriage every year — that’s 15% of all pregnancies or 44 each minute, according to new estimates published in The Lancet medical journal on Monday.

However, existing care and support for women and couples is “inconsistent and poorly organized” and amounts to little more than patients being told to “just try again,” said the authors of three new studies on the causes, treatment and scale of miscarriage around the world. A new system is needed to ensure miscarriages are better recognized by health care practitioners and women are given the physical and mental health support they need, the researchers said. (…)

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