This is how Yale researchers say to approach the Keto diet

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(CW Headley/ Ladders) — The Keto diet has managed to break out of its label as the latest trendy diet because of its proven rate of success with weight loss.

However, a new study conducted by a team of Yale researchers addresses the potential setbacks associated with adopting the Keto diet long-term with the help of mouse models.

The report, which was published in the January Issue of Nature Metabolism, posits that over limited periods of time a high-fat low-carb diet can greatly reduce a follower’s risk of developing diabetes and inflammation but after one week these positive effects begin to diminish as a result of the very mechanisms that fostered them.

A metabolic threshold
The Keto diet works by forcing the body to use alternative sources for fuel via prolonged exercise and or starvation. More specifically, followers obtain 99% of their calories from fat and 1% from carbohydrates. (…)

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