When breast cancer affects men

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(All4Women) — Although perceived as a female disease, breast cancer affects men too, like Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father. Dr Justus Apffelstaedt tells us more…

“For every 100 women that we see with breast cancer, we see one man,“ says Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, a Cape Town-based specialist surgeon with an interest in breast, thyroid and parathyroid health as well as soft tissue surgical oncology.

Although the risk is low in comparison to cancers such as lung, prostate or colon, men at any age may develop breast cancer. However, it is usually detected in men between 60 and 80 years of age (compared to women, usually detected from the age of 40).

The National Cancer Registry states that the lifetime risk of suffering from breast cancer in males is in between 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000, depending on race. (…)

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