Stroke victim: ‘A selfie saved my life’

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One of the selfies that alerted Juanita Branch to the fact that she was having a stroke on Aug 13, 2018.

(Simon Veazey/ Epoch Times) — A 63-year-old woman from Detroit says a selfie saved her life.

Juanita Branch, 63, said she had decided to update her Facebook page with some selfies on the morning of Aug. 13.

But when she looked back over the series of images, she told Fox, each image seemed to get progressively worse.

Checking the bathroom mirror, she saw her face was drooping and realized she was having a stroke.

Branch said that she was also losing her balance, and called an ambulance.

Not only did the images alert Branch to the fact that she was having a stroke, allowing her to call an ambulance in good time, they also provided vital information to medics trying to decide how to treat her. (…)

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