New discovery may soon allow you to eat whatever you want without gaining weight

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(Eric Mack Forbes) — Yes, it absolutely sounds to good to be true, but it could soon be possible to eat all the pizza, ice cream and other fatty foods you can stomach without putting on pounds.

Researchers at Flinders University in Australia say they found that when a single gene called RCAN1 was removed in mice, the rodents were able to eat a high fat diet without gaining weight. This held true even when the animals got especially gluttonous and gorged on fatty chow.

“We looked at a variety of different diets with various timespans from eight weeks up to six months, and in every case we saw health improvements in the absence of the RCAN1 gene,” said professor Damien Keating, who led the study, which has been published in the journal EMBO Reports. (…)

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