Men are more sensitive to pain than women

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(Chrissy Sexton/ — Researchers at McGill University have discovered that men are more sensitive to pain than women. The study also revealed that men have a stronger memory of previous pain, and suffer more when a painful experience is repeated.

The findings, which were confirmed in both mice and humans, could lead to the development of groundbreaking new ways to treat chronic pain. The research was conducted by Jeffrey Mogil, who is a professor of Pain Studies.

“We set out to do an experiment looking at pain hypersensitivity in mice and found these surprising differences in stress levels between male and female mice,” said Professor Mogil. “So we decided to extend the experiment to humans to see whether the results would be similar.”

“We were blown away when we saw that there seemed to be the same differences between men and women as we had seen in mice.” (…)

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