It’s official: going on vacation helps you live longer

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(Annemarie McCarthy/ Lonely Planet) — If you’re looking for yet another excuse for your ceaseless wanderlust from friends, loved ones or co-workers who simply don’t understand, feel free to hit them with this latest research; going on holiday will help you live longer.

The findings came from a 40-year study conducted by the University of Helsinki. Its astonishing results concluded that people who take less than three weeks off work every year were 37% more likely to die young than those who gave greater priority to their vacation time.

The research began tracking 1200 businessmen in the 1970s who were considered to be at risk from heart disease due to their weight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The difference between those who did and did not take adequate time off was described as “clear and significant”. They also found the men who didn’t take as much holiday time worked more in their regular time and even slept less. (…)

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