In 2021, Healthy Eating Will Be All About Reconnecting With Our Bodies and Our Values

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“People are concerned about those non-communicable diseases in relation to the pandemic and their overall longevity,” Feller says. Photo: Pinterest


(Jessie Van Amburg/ Well + Good) — There are few places more representative of the change wrought by COVID-19 than the kitchen. A report from PwC found that 51 percent of Americans reported a “significant increase” in home cooking thanks to the pandemic.

According to Maya Feller, RD, food has served as a form of comfort as COVID-19 cases rise and economic prospects remain uncertain at best. (Just look at the soaring popularity of homemade sourdough, banana bread, and even nostalgic packaged snacks since March.)

And after a year of so much turmoil, our food choices in 2021 will be all about alignment—nutrition that aligns with our individual health needs, and food choices that align with values like sustainability and racial and economic equity.

In this new context, more people will realize that the restrictive dieting so commonplace in wellness no longer serves their physical or emotional well-being. (…)

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