How you can help someone who is struggling with the guilt of transmitting COVID

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Those who may have transmitted the coronavirus to others can experience a toxic stew of guilt, sorrow, fear and defensiveness.(Camille Vance)


(Maryann J. Gray/ Los Angeles Times) — When someone unintentionally kills someone else, it’s usually because of a car crash. This year, COVID-19 could easily be the No. 1 cause of such deaths.

In the U.S., over 340,000 people have died of COVID since March. Comparatively, an estimated 28,000 people a year survive a car crash in which at least one person is killed — and not every survivor is considered an accidental killer.

The horror of transmitting the coronavirus to another person isn’t as clear-cut as being behind the wheel during an automobile accident. You can’t be 100% certain you transmitted the virus that caused another human to die, unless that person had absolutely no contact with anyone else in the world. (…)

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