Eating more walnuts could help you live longer

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The benefits of eating walnuts were even observed in people who followed “suboptimal” diets. Photo: Pexels


(Lauren Manaker/ Very Well Health) — According to a new study, being a regular walnut eater might lower your risk of heart disease and help you live longer. The results were published in the journal Nutrients.

“In this study, eating at least five servings of walnuts per week was linked to around a year of additional life expectancy, which is impressive considering how simple and economical incorporating walnuts into your diet is,” Melissa Azzaro, RDN, LD, a New Hampshire-based registered dietitian and author of “A Balanced Approach to PCOS,” tells Verywell.

The benefits were also seen in people who ate two to four servings of walnuts per week (one serving of walnuts is one ounce—about seven walnuts). However, the positive association was not strong as what was seen among people who ate more servings. (…)

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