Children with long-COVID symptoms get help at new clinic in Montreal

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Some of the children were referred to the Ste. Justine clinic after having the health problems dismissed and chalked up to stress. Photo: CTV News Montreal / Christine Long


(Cindy Sherwin/ CTV News) — When 13-year-old Charles trudged into his mother’s room one morning and said “Mom, I’m not feeling well,” Sophie Lahaie immediately thought he probably had COVID-19.

It was a natural deduction seeing as how her son’s class at school had just been cancelled due to an outbreak that affected at least four other students.

“He was very exhausted, terribly exhausted. He was having trouble just to sit [up]. That was way too much effort for him,” Lahaie said. “I really felt like that, it was horrible,” Charles Francoeur said in an interview with CTV News. (…)

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