Can bananas help you lose weight?

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(Beth Sissons/ Medical News Today) — Bananas are a healthful addition to a balanced diet, as they provide a range of vital nutrients and are a good source of fiber.

Although eating bananas cannot directly lead to weight loss, some of the properties of these fruits may help a person reduce bloating, control their appetite, and replace processed sugars.

Learn more about eating bananas for weight loss in this article. We also look at their nutritional information and sugar content.

Are bananas good for weight loss?
Bananas are an excellent source of fiber. A medium banana contains 3.07 grams (g) of fiber, and the recommended daily intake for adults is 25 g for those on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Research shows that there is a link between higher fiber intakes and lower body weights. This nutrient may also help reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels. (…)

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