The relationship between sleep and life expectancy
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(Marc Stibitch/ Very Well Heath) — The point of sleep is not just to help you feel more refreshed, but to allow the cells in your muscles, organs, and brain to repair and renew each night. Sleep also helps regulate your metabolism and how your body releases hormones. When these processes are out of whack due to lack of sleep,
New research suggests that napping can help to maintain brain health
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(Jack Guy/ CNN News) — Taking daytime naps may help maintain brain health as we age, according to a new study. However, prior research has shown that excess napping can also be harmful.

Habitual napping was linked with larger total brain volume, which is associated with a lower risk of dementia  …

How much deep, light, and REM sleep do you need?
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(Jennifer Leavitt/ Healthline) — Depending on their age, a person needs 7–17 hours sleep in every 24 hours. But, just sleeping is not enough. Deep sleep is essential for health and wellbeing. Most adults need around 1.5–2 hours of deep sleep per night.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise adults aged  …

Study: Long naps could be an Alzheimer’s red flag
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Why sleep is so important for a healthy immune system
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(Markham Heid/ Everyday Health) — Your immune system — the body’s key defense against germs and other things that could make you sick — suffers when you don’t get enough sleep.

If you doubt it, consider the findings of a study published in 2015 in the journal Sleep.

Researchers tracked the sleep of 164 volunteers  …

The secret to becoming a morning person
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(Rozalynn S. Frazer/ Shape) — For the last six years, Aine Rock has woken up at 5 a.m. every day. She sees it as a way to start her day with a quiet moment before the world bombards her with news updates and client demands and before she has to turn her attention to her 9- and 12-year-old children. “I choose me before anyone else,”  …

Night time urination could mean your blood pressure’s up
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(Brian Goldman/ CBC) — One in four Canadians is dissatisfied with the sleep they get. That’s according to Statistics Canada. Some people sleep poorly because they have a need to answer nature’s call. A new study concludes that a nightly trip to the loo might mean your health is at risk.

That’s according  …

Poor sleep can lead to an earlier death for older adults, doctors warn
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(Mark Waghorn/ Study Finds) — Getting less than five hours of sleep at night raises an older person’s risk of premature death by a quarter, according to new research. The study finds middle-aged and older adults are 40 percent more likely to develop at least two life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, cancer,   …

The simple 4-7-8 breathing technique can help you relax and sleep better
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(Julia Landwher/ Health) — When you’re feeling stressed or having trouble sleeping, it can sometimes be difficult to get out of that headspace and calm down. But the solution may be as easy as taking deep breaths in and out in a specific rhythm.


A breathing technique—dubbed the 4-7-8 method—has been growing  …

Are you TikTok tired? Here’s how to stop scrolling and reclaim more Zzz’s
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(Beth Ann Meyer/ Healthline) — School bells are ringing again across the United States, which means alarm clocks are likely going off earlier, too.

But waking up may be hard to do for Gen-Zers, typically defined as people born between the years 1997 and 2012.

A new survey of more than 2,000 people from the American  …

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