Lingering complications from COVID-19 still haunt some Nova Scotians months later

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‘It’s tiring, you just wonder will it ever go away?’ Photo: Pexels


(David Burke/ CBC News) — On paper, Kelly Marshall of Stellarton, N.S., officially recovered from COVID-19 months ago. In reality, the dividing line between sick and recovered isn’t so clear.

She still suffers from complications brought on by the virus, which she contracted in March, and earlier this month she was struck by a crippling chest pain.

“It was like something clamping around my heart and squeezing it, it was pretty intense, it made my whole body shake, I was in pain,” she said. “That scared me.”

That chest pain lasted for about four hours and doctors at the hospital said it could have been connected to her COVID infection.

The exact long-term health impacts of COVID-19 haven’t been determined, and researchers around the world continue to uncover new complications associated with the virus.

But mounting evidence suggests that COVID-19 survivors may have to struggle with debilitating complications for months or longer. (…)

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