How to keep your family and pets safe in a heat wave

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(Nicole Spector/ NBC News) — Experts predict that this year’s heat waves are going to be frequent and severe. We’ve already seen some scorching temperatures blister across the country of late, and it’s likely that, unless and until climate change is forcefully addressed, heat waves will continue to worsen, threatening the lives of thousands in U.S cities.

Ashley Wood, RN, BSN, underscores that while the elderly, very young and folks with mobility and chronic health issues are most vulnerable — “anyone can be affected by a heat wave.”

How can you keep everyone protected from heat-related illnesses (also known as hyperthermia) including heat exhaustion, and heatstroke? We’ve compiled a list of expert tips.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
The best way to protect our bodies against the heat is to double down on hydration. Sounds simple enough, but many of us are already struggle with staying fully hydrated throughout the day, with a recent survey from Quench citing that nearly 80 percent of employees say they’re not drinking enough water while working. (…)

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