Heart attack risk is 37 per cent higher on Christmas Eve
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(Linda Searing/ Washington Post) — Heart attacks are believed to be more common in times of heightened emotions, brought on by things such as sporting events, hurricanes and stock market crashes.

Now, add Christmas Eve to that list.

The risk of having a heart attack is 37 per cent higher on Christmas Eve, peaking at 10 p.m., according  …

Crohn’s, colitis may be tied to prostate cancer
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(Robert Preidt/ HealthDay) — Men with inflammatory bowel disease have a significantly greater risk of prostate cancer, a new study finds.

About 1 million men in the United States have inflammatory bowel disease, which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

“These patients may need to be screened more carefully  …

Crosswords and sudoku may not stop mental decline
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(Reuters Health) — Mental engagement through problem-solving games like crossword puzzles, sudoku and brain teasers may not offset cognitive losses due to age-related dementia, a new study suggests.

Still, practicing these kinds of activities throughout life might boost mental ability and provide a higher starting point before  …

Some hyperactive kids may have sleep apnea, not ADHD
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(CTV News) — When Kian Yazdani was in Grade 1, it was clear something was wrong. He was often upset in the morning, and his teachers reported that he had angry outbursts at school.

Doctors suggested ADHD as the culprit, but Melody Yazdani wasn’t so sure. Noting that her son had dark circles under his eyes, she started doing her   …

Study links vitamin D-deficient older adults with greater risk of developing depression
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(The Health Site) — A new study by researchers from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin has shown for the first time in Ireland that a deficiency in vitamin D was associated with a substantial increased risk of depression (+75 percent) over a four-year follow up period.

The study has been published  …

Scientists reprogrammed human skin cells into immune cells to fight cancer
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(Jacob Banas/ Futurism.com) — Fighting cancer with the body’s own immune system is no easy task. Sometimes cancer may cause the dendritic cells to behave in unusual ways and not function properly. There’s also the chance your body might reject the treatment all together. By creating immune cells from a patient’s own body, the  …

Stair test may predict your risk of dying of heart disease, cancer, study finds
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(NBC News) — For a glimpse into the state of your health and longevity, just head for some stairs.

How people perform on an exercise test that requires them to move very briskly can predict their risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and other causes, a study presented Thursday at a meeting of the European Society of Cardiology  …

New discovery may soon allow you to eat whatever you want without gaining weight
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(Eric Mack Forbes) — Yes, it absolutely sounds to good to be true, but it could soon be possible to eat all the pizza, ice cream and other fatty foods you can stomach without putting on pounds.

Researchers at Flinders University in Australia say they found that when a single gene called RCAN1 was removed in mice, the rodents were   …

Talcum powder could pose danger to lungs and ovaries, Health Canada warns
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(Sheryl Ubelacker/ Canadian Press) — Consumers should avoid inhaling talcum powder or using the products on the female genital area, as exposure may cause potentially serious respiratory problems and possibly ovarian cancer.

Baby powder should also be kept away from a child’s face to avoid inhalation, Health Canada  …

The health risks of being a night owl
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(Tim Newman/ Medical News Today) — The first international review to compare night owls with early risers outlines the health risks associated with preferring late nights. However, these risks may not be set in stone.

Most individuals fit one of two chronotypes: We are morning people or evening people. Either we prefer  …

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