Turns out probiotics aren’t all that great for your gut health
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(Lucy Bode/ Women’s Health) — We’ve long considered probiotics a miracle cure for a whole range of health probs: bad bloating? Kaching! Sucky skin? Kaching! Anxiety playing up? Kaching, kaching! But when it comes to one ailment in particular, you’d be better off saving your pennies (if new research out of Israel’s  …

Low-dose Aspirin late in life? Healthy people may not need it
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(Denise Grady/ New York Times) — Should older people in good health start taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes, dementia and cancer?

No, according to a study of more than 19,000 people, including whites 70 and older, and blacks and Hispanics 65 and older. They took low-dose aspirin — 100 milligrams — or a placebo  …

U.S. officials call teen vaping ‘epidemic’
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(Associated Press) — U.S. health officials are sounding the alarm about rising teenage use of e-cigarettes, calling the problem an “epidemic” and ordering manufacturers to reverse the trend or risk having their flavoured vaping products pulled from the market.

The warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  …

Stroke victim: ‘A selfie saved my life’
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(Simon Veazey/ Epoch Times) — A 63-year-old woman from Detroit says a selfie saved her life.

Juanita Branch, 63, said she had decided to update her Facebook page with some selfies on the morning of Aug. 13.

But when she looked back over the series of images, she told Fox, each image seemed to get progressively worse.

Checking the  …

It’s official: going on vacation helps you live longer
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(Annemarie McCarthy/ Lonely Planet) — If you’re looking for yet another excuse for your ceaseless wanderlust from friends, loved ones or co-workers who simply don’t understand, feel free to hit them with this latest research; going on holiday will help you live longer.

The findings came from a 40-year study conducted   …

Can daytime sleepiness predict Alzheimer’s?
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(Tim Newman/ Medical News Today) — In a recently published study, scientists conclude that excessive daytime sleepiness could predict the onset of Alzheimer’s in later life.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It affects around 5.7 million people in the United States — and this number is predicted  …

Stroke may double risk for dementia, study says
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(HealthDay News) — People who’ve had a stroke face up to twice the normal risk of dementia, a new review suggests.

In what they say is the largest analysis of its kind, British researchers examined 48 studies that included 3.2 million people worldwide.

“We found that a history of stroke increases dementia  …

​A quarter of adults are too inactive, putting health at risk
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(Thomson Reuters) — More than a quarter of the world’s adults — or 1.4 billion people — take too little exercise, putting them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancers, according to a World Health Organization-led study.

In 2016, around one in three women and one in four men worldwide  …

Quebec election: CAQ vows to abolish mandatory overtime for nurses
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(Aaron Derfel/ Montreal Gazette) — The plight of overworked and burned-out nurses dominated the first debate of the Quebec election campaign on Wednesday, with candidates of the four main political parties offering starkly different prescriptions for what ails the province’s health-care system.

Danielle McCann, of  …

Your typing could reveal an early warning sign of Parkinson’s disease
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(Ellen Scott/ Metro) — The speed at which you type could be a warning sign of Parkinson’s, suggests new research which found that the time it takes for someone to press different keys can indicate that they have hand tremors, a common sign of the disease.

Researchers from Charles Sturt University in Queensland analysed 76 people,   …

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