Anti-depressant use has tripled among teens in a decade

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(CTV Montreal) — The use of anti-depressants among teenagers in Quebec has tripled over the course of the last ten years.

What has yet to be determined, though, is whether this is a result of an increased frequency in mental illness or whether it is merely a reflection of more people seeking treatment.

In an interview with CTV Montreal, psychologist Dr. Joe Flanders said he believes it is a combination of both. Founder of the MindSpace clinic, Flanders said it points to destigmatization, but also that an increase in people being prescribed reflects an increase in mental illness.

Recent studies show teens, in general, are being prescribed medication three times more than they did in 2007. Girls, in particular, are seeing a spike in usage: they are three times more likely to be prescribed this medication than boys. (…)

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