CME’s one-stop philosophy enables patients to see all their doctors on the same day or within a short timeframe.

The Clinic began in September 2011 with three physicians as an outpatient centre devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health needs. With the addition of seven part-time doctors, it quickly evolved into a comprehensive semi-private medical clinic with an array of services and specialities under one roof.

That successful formula has allowed CME to thrive and expand while preserving our core mission: to provide our patients with the best possible care in a caring environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

CME is a GMF and therefore we have walk-ins daily but only for patients registered with our family doctors at the clinic.

Yes. If you don’t have a family doctor to get one, you can go to any walk-in clinic in your area, or we might be able to help you by having you see one of our family doctors.

Yes, all of our specialists are taking new patients. Our family doctors for now are not taking new patients.

No, all visits with the physicians are covered by Quebec Health Care Insurance (RAMQ).

We do offer private labs and ultrasound imaging at a cost, but you can also get them done at any hospital or CLSC for free with your health insurance card.

Yes, you can see a physician even if you don’t have Quebec Health Insurance, but a fee would apply. The fee varies depending on the type of visit and speciality. If you are covered by health insurance from another province, you will pay a fee but can be reimbursed by your province’s health care plan. The fee correlates with Quebec’s rate structure.

No, it’s illegal in Quebec to charge for that service.

Yes, with Tap Online